Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Glorious Grand Teton National Park

I finally made it to Grand Teton National Park! It's been on my list of top places for a few years, so it was top choice when I was planning an extension to yet another trip to Denver this fall. Grand Teton National Park, or simply The Tetons, is located in the state of Wyoming, just 10 miles south of the famous Yosemite National Park. The park was established on February 26, 1929 - and 2016 was the 100 year anniversary since the creation of the National Park Service. I felt so lucky to have gone to this beautiful and special place on the centennial and to experience the breathtaking views from every corner. 

Epic gates of antlers in Jackson, Wyoming.
Jackson is the gateway to the Tetons!
Morning views outside of Jackson.
Cars, maps, roads, and mountains. Happiness.
First look!
The Teton Range is part of the Rocky Mountain Range and consists of many mountains including the Cathedral Group which can be seen in the above photo. The Cathedral Group include the highest peak Grand Teton at 13,775 (4,199 m).
Travel pals, road tripped our way to the Tetons from Denver for a few days and a couple of hikes.
One of the view from our hike on the Taggart and Bradley Lake trail.

More elk!
Can these mountains be more epic!?
Glorious mountains over Jackson Lake.

If you squint you can see a whole lotta elk, my dudes!
Leaving the park on the last night got us like 😍😍😍
The only way to pose when bundled up for a second hike (on Signal Mountain) that may result in death by bear!

Moderate hike to Signal Mountain (7,720 feet/2,353 m)
Signal Mountain views
Nice bones.
Woodland colors
Signal Mountain views

Happiness at 7,720 feet on Signal Mountain
'til next time, my love.

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