Friday, May 25, 2012

Ang Thong National Marine Park, in photos

Thanks to Tom and Julien of Unseen Tours in Ban Chalok on Koh Tao, Astrid and I (along with said Tom & Julien, the captain, and 3 other young travelers) set sail for 3 days and 2 nights to the 42 islands that make up Ang Thong National Marine Park. We were off the beaten path or course, as the case may be. We slept on the boat. We dove into a storm. We kayaked. We hiked to one heck of a view. I played with the glow in the dark algae at night. Some snorkeled and swam - I had to stay out of the water for the most part due to my ear. I'm grateful to all the people on the boat for being so helpful and caring while I was in so much pain.

Could not resist
Maya had a panda (3 to be exact). Julien liked to torture them.

Spectacle Monkey - a highly endangered species. Thanks to Lindsey for the consistent answers to my primate questions!

Tom taught me to play chess!

Sunrise...but I went back to sleep before it came up.

I know what you're thinking....

Our pop group name is Ang Thong Hikers.

It was all a dream...

Nothin' like a good rock scramble (in flip flops, no less - Usual rules do not apply in Thailand).

Before the storm

In the storm

Panda, Maya, and I hiding from the storm. Note the wind guard on my head.


Sunrise 2


The gang's all here: Astrid, Maya, Ikue, Captain, Tom, Julien, Frank, me.

Hey there, Koh Tao.

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