Sunday, May 13, 2012

First impressions of Koh Tao

Koh Tao is not real life. It is pretty close to paradise. It is not real Thailand, it is not real life. It's island life. It took me 5 days to get adjusted post-jetlag, post-detoxing my brain of NYC crap. Now on Day 8 I feel like I don't have enough time left! I also have no idea how much time I actually have left due to silly circumstances that have nothing to with me. Lucky for me I already had Astrid here to hang out with every night (and day, if I'm lucky and she's not working), and then I have been meeting people every day. Meeting people is easy. It's not this easy anywhere else - only when you travel. Dinners start with 3 people and end with 12 happy, go-lucky travelers sharing their experiences!

Koh Tao is an adjustment for me because it's not real Thailand. Where are the temples? The Buddhas? The monks? There are farang (foreigners) everywhere. I think there are more white people than Thais. And all the tourists/travelers are riding motorbikes in bikinis and short shorts, which would be so inappropriate on mainland. Ah, island life. And you know how island tourists are - the bar I go to hang out every night can turn into Cancun Spring Break style debauchery. It's not my scene in the first place, so I just ignore it. But it really is paradise here. And of course it is so hot and you are always sweating, so you wear tanktops and short shorts (which I need to buy. Good job me for bringing maroon corduroys that I cut into shorts). I've never been on an island for so long, but it has been quite lovely. There will be many posts about this place because I have had quite a few adventures already, and I've met some great people...and I will be here for 2.5 weeks at least (WHAT? Is this real life??)

Spirit house outside my Tropicana resort



  1. That does look like paradise! and I really want to experience this 3 people turn into 13 people dinners you speak of, sounds great! Also, what are all those people looking for in the water? (in the pic)


    1. Everyone meets people through diving, so you start dinner with your small group and then the town we are in on the island is so small with everyone staying on the same beach, so you run into everyone and they join you for dinner! I always have a standing "dinner at 8pm" date, but the group is always changing!

      I think the people are looking for snails? I know they eat snails here.

  2. oh woooowww. that picture with the red trees and the moon in the background - GORGEOUS!!! it really ISN'T real life! sounds and looks amazing dasha. you are seriously making me rethink my dream trip to new zealand - perhaps i need to consider visiting thailand instead!!