Friday, May 25, 2012

This is how we do it (in Koh Tao)

Bar Next Door should be called Astrid's Living Room. Can we make a petition?
Why, yes, those are fish in a microwave. Babaloo Bar.
Babaloo Bar.
@ Babaloo Bar.
Bar Next Door with ze Germans. Such cuties. Come to New York!
Noah, Dustin, Florian.
German's let loose once inebriated ;)
Noah in one world. Flo in another.
Diggin' Dustin's scuba Ok. Dustin, Noah, Flo, Igor.
They all decided to look mad or like fashion models or something. Igor decided to take a happy nap.
Dustin covering up the hole the dog just dug up.
Good. Cheap. Food.
I did not partake.
Toilet with a view.
Gasp! Babaloo Bar.

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