Sunday, June 17, 2012

Friendship, Turkish style

Of note: Turks love to eat, drink, smoke, and talk. Going out in Galatta and anywhere else, the Turks like to stand outside of the bar or club and talk. What happened to dancing, ya'll? No doubt - you know I had a good time.
Terminator 1 and 2
Lovely Aybel
Dinner with a view.
My other family.
Hasan looking too cool for school.

We had a Michael Jackson turned George Michael turned Turkish music youtube party for 3 hours minimum.
00:50 ıs where ıt's at!

'We are sex and the city girls.'
Bulgıng eye.

This is centered around an inner joke with me and Eda. You're welcome to it.
Me and Canan. I am my father. She has a brain freeze.
My summer vacation
Aybel and Duman 
Eda and Dodo. Sister and brother from another mother (and father)
My best frıend. There, I said it.
Is that Liv Tyler or Snow White?
Dodo and I are dumbos made from the same dough, yo.
We can be cool hipsters in Istanbul too.
I painted this.

Peeps at FACES
The gang in Galatta. Dodo really is that tall.
Efes beer. Turkısh beer. The next photos are after Eda left Istanbul for America..A.E. if you will.
A native Turk;sh couple.
I taught them the poses Thai boys and girls do.
şerefe bebek
This is a photo of a native Turkish man. Seriously, half the people in Istanbul look like Dodo.
This is a photo of a native Turkish man engaging in a common Turkish habit.

Anjelique. Where am I?
Token dance move

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