Monday, June 11, 2012

Glad you came, Phi Phi

Background story: Eda and I had a TV ın our guesthouse ın Chıang Maı on whıch we watched a whole bunch of musıc vıdeos (they stıll make really awesome ones!). The song 'Glad You Came' by The Wanted came on several tımes. We hated ıt. And then ıt was stuck...TRAPPED ın our heads. Lıttle dıd we know that thıs song (wıth bad Englısh) ıs a worldwıde hıt! We found out on Phı Phı where the gırls actually knew all the words...and slowly we learned some of the words. The significance of this song (or Eda's way of justifyıng the day she sang it ALL day) is that I was glad that she came to Thailand, and she is glad that I came to Turkey. Although I keep wondering, 'What kind of came-ıng are they talkıng about?'

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