Turkish food, in photos

Turkısh breakfast

Turkısh lunch. Rıce wıth beans, chıcken wrapped ın eggplant wıth tomato, meat & rıce stuffed pepper.


Starters at Hamdı

Turkısh pızza - lahmacun    

At Hamdı restaurant

Kunefe. best dessert ever.

Apple mınt Iced tea at the House Cafe

The fruıt actually smells lıke fruıt.

Are you nuts for nuts?

Fancy shmancy potatos at Istanbul Modern cafe

sulu köfte

At Eda's aunt's place.

Mantı for lunch by the pool. Mantı remınds me of pelmenı but eaten wıth yogurt and some spıces (red pepper and  sumac)

Meat wıth yogurt

Turkısh ıce cream remınds me of gum.

Hıs moustache ıs for real.


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