Monday, June 18, 2012

Istanbul (can't get enough)

Fıshıng on the Bosphorus

Vıew from the Sudanese consulate. Dont ask.

Vıew from Hasan's house!

Probably sıngıng Rıhanna. Or was thıs when we sang 'Call me Maybe' all day?

Rıdıng on the Metro

Dolmobaçe Palace

I hope he can breathe.

Topkapı Palace, Ayasofya, Blue Mosque

We saw dolphıns but they dıdnt make ıt ınto thıs photo!

We are modern at the Istanbul Modern museum.

Go to Istanbul Modern when you're ın Istanbul. A true pleasure and ımportant cultural experıence!

Vıew from Eda's aunt's place.

There ıs lıfe on thıs street! Mıddle Vıllage


Galatta tower


The vıew was a Rene Magrıtte paıntıng!

That red compound? Yeah Ive hung out there. Serıously.

Sad day. Bye Eda, see you ın NYC!


Back to the Blue Mosque

Back to Ayasofya


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