Saturday, June 9, 2012

Railay Beach, I love you.

If you have ever met me in the last year and a half, you have most likely heard me say something like, "Railay Beach is my favorite place in the world". The first time I went, it was just 2 short nights in between volunteering. The second time (4 months later) I was there 5 nights and it wasn't enough. It was the first time I rock climbed (and the only time I've climbed outside). It was so amazing and wonderful and I vowed that I would return again and again and again. And so I did with Eda. My original plan was to stay on Railay for 2 or so weeks and do a climbing course and just sit on Phranang Bay staring at my favorite work of nature and swim in the sea. However, hi, it's monsoon season and though for the most part I have avoided it in the month I have been traveling in Thailand - Eda and I got hit hard by it on Railay. Plus I have that fun ear infection which prevents me from swimming, and my foot had just been injured so climbing would have been slightly painful, mostly wet, and I would only hear half the instructions. Ay Buddha mio!

No worries though. I still love Railay. Eda left after 3 days to Turkey and I stayed two more. I had a good long chat with Buddha and my favorite karst about how committed I've been to Thailand. How devoted. How I traveled 24 hours to this land to be on it's beach. And then an amazing thing happened - the sun came out! It REALLY came out on my last morning and I happened to set my alarm for 8:30am just for the hell of it ("Maybe I'll wake up and there will be SUN?!" - THERE WAS!!!). And so Railay and I are in a relationship, she thought she could toy with my emotions but my love is strong. My love can overcome all rainy obstacles!

Oh hi fellow Columbia social work grad Russell and girlfriend Julie, also a social worker.
We got ambushed my monkeys who stole our pringles (western food craving) and juiceboxes!
Full Moon howling
Diamond cave

The only spot I saw people climbing. Shout out to Dash, Helen, Kabata.

Shout out to Helen, Dash, Kabata.
Farewell lunch!
And now that you're gone, I just wanna be with you!
That's my favorite karst.
Spectacle monkeys!
Dasha <3 Thailand

Yipee! Yatta!

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