Railay Beach, in photos

On the longtail boat ride to Railay Beach.

Railay Beach. East Railay. A truck will take you to your boat, if you don't want to wet your feet and suitcases.

Railay East.

Railay Beach. Phranang Bay.

Railay Beach. Phranang Bay Sunset.

View from Phranang Cave.

Ros and I!

Tonsai Beach.

Tonsai Beach. Always a good idea to bring your camera into the sea.


Railay West sunset

"Same same"!!!!

I don't have a pen to get your email, but there is body paint everywhere...

Ros and I made friends. Americans. Needless to say, my email was wiped off their arms within an hour.

Go team.

Phranang Cave

Tonsai Beach
For fertlity...for one day...???
Good bye, Railay. You were the perfect first weekend getaway!


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