Thursday, December 30, 2010

I spent one day in Surat Thani with my new friend Chart (Navin)

After 6 weeks, Ros and I parted ways last Thursday. It was a tired good bye as we were still (2 days later) recovering from Full Moon, but my eyes welled up with tears as I looked at her through the van windows.

Just when I thought I would have one day when I would be alone for the first time in over a month, on the bus ride to Surat Thani (after the 2.5 hour ferry from Koh Phangan), a young Thai boy asked me "Do you speak English?" And so we talked the entire hour bus ride, he accompanied me to my super swank, out of place hotel so I could drop my things, and then we went to Tesco to buy some appliances and wound up eating good food, taking professional silly photos, singing karaoke (he did the singing), and just having a merry old time. I love my life here. This never happens to me at home.

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