Koh Phi Phi (Phi Phi Ley and Phi Phi Don), in photos

Now, before you go on pronouncing it "Fee Fee" or "Fie Fie", it is pronounced "Pee Pee". Phi Phi Don is the one inhabited island in the Koh Phi Phi archipelago. 'Koh' means 'island'. Phi Phi Ley is where on can find Maya Beach of "The Beach" and Leo Dicaprio fame. I have not seen this movie, but every Maya Beach promotion on Phi Phi Don refers to it as "Maya Beach, the beach from the movie."

Welcome to heaven.

Low tide. The water on Phi Phi Don is pretty shallow.

Pirate themed restaurant with THE BEST Indian food I have ever had. We went both nights. 

All my boyfriends. Obviously. Jasper, me, Klak, Adam

Phi Phi Ley in the distance.

Land of Dinosaurs

Got me drownin' in your love, as the Backstreet Boys song goes...

Maya Bay

"You girls look like you're ready to call it a night."
"Um, just 'cause I don't dress like a ho, doesn't mean I don't dance like one."

Every beach bar has it's own fire show at exactly the same time.

Looking so hip that we may be hipsters. (They are every on Phi Phi)
I may have lost 5 pounds each night from dancing so hard my hair was completely soaked with sweat.

Claims to be the best pad thai in the world. I don't know.

In case you weren't sure what it would be like to swim here...


  1. a) i love the video. i think it could a be a commercial.
    b) i want to 'like' each and every photograph.
    c) when you return i will sit on you until every last story escapes you!
    d) i am enjoying living vicariously thru you!!
    e) xoxox


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