Friday, December 17, 2010

Ao Nang Beach and Hong Island, in photos

12.05.10 - But then I was better (mostly)

12.04.10 - The weekend started off with me being sick.
Whaa. Ros and I rented a DVD player.
Bought & watched 3 girly movies (100 baht each).

Ao Nang is a town by the beach in Krabi Province, just a 30 minute local bus ride from my house. The weather was pretty gray the entire weekend. The beach was not as nice and beautiful as Phranang Cave (Railay). There were SOO many tourists and shops. The bars closed early Sunday night for the King's birthday. It was pretty eh. Wouldn't recommend going there at all.

Beeeches on the beach.

I had pizza. It was lame. New York pizza is the best.

Ao Nang boats ready to take us away.

Snorkeled here. Remembered that snorkeling is pretty boring.
Seeing cool clown fish is awesome, but the view is better on a tv.
Snorkeling and diving are just not for me. Sorry, papa!!!

Real name: Jeerawit, nickname: James! Our captain. He was awesome.

I got my toenails did post an awesome back, neck, shoulder massage.
It was included in the price.

Hong Beach. I swam and swam. I really have no desire to swim in the beaches
of Brooklyn anymore after being spoiled with this.

Just a temple with a cool view (super duper zoom).

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