Searching for Southeast Asia in New York City!

Well, well. It's been a few months. I have been thinking about Southeast Asia, of course. It was only recently that some friends have begun to ask about my trip. Most people don't know what to ask, I mere "How was it?" is impossible to answer about my adventure! But if you have something you want to ask, please do! I am dying to talk about it. I am dying to relive it! Everyday there is a tiny piece of me that wishes I didn't care for graduate school, and went back to Thailand to teach (and get paid! I had the opportunities!).

In an effort to continue living my trip, I have decided to update this blog to "Searching for Southeast Asia in New York City"! I am very excited about this. I have already found a few Thai temples in the area that I want to visit. I'll include restaurants here and anything Southeast Asian I can find: Thai, Lao, Khmer, Vietnamese, Malay...but also Burmese and Indonesian. I miss that corner of the world, and this is my way of finding it in my present corner.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestion for where I can go to search for Southeast Asia, please let me know. Do you want to come with me? Let's do it!


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