Monday, June 8, 2015

Caribbean Sea - Xpu-Ha - Tulum - Mexico

Us gals.
This March, my mom was kind enough to take us on a trip to the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea in Mexico for 5 nights and 6 days. We stayed at Catalonia Royal Tulum, an adults-only all inclusive resort in Xpu-Ha (Shpoo-ha), close to Tulum. With life taking a turn for the new and unknown, this trip came at a good time to pause and reflect in a relatively quiet place.

Blue on blue on blue. It was very windy by the water,
so we moved to the pool.
My take on all-inclusive resorts is that they are great for people like my hard-workin', bread-winnin' mother who is tired and achy all over. Sitting on the beach in a warm place and being taken care of is perfect when she feels that way. Of course I was the annoying daughter who was frustrated that we weren't eating authentic Mexican cuisine and were isolated from reality. But at the end of the day, there is a time and place for all vacations: adventure or leisure, there are many options. I should not complain - I got a lot of vitamin D, swam in the warm waters, used the gym, and got enough sleep on a regular basis. I also read the very depressing The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion (her daughter's name was Quintana Roo, we were staying in the Mexican State Quintana Roo) and would recommend it to anyone going through loss.

Also, I was so incredibly lucky because my very good friend Frank and his very lovely girlfriend Morgan were staying in Tulum around the same time! Through the power of technology/wifi/email and colectivo I was able to meet them for dinner on my first night! And through the power of serendipity, my mom and I ran into them on a beach on their last day. Oh happy day!!

Anyway here are some photos of the gorgeous beach and surroundings that I was able to inundate myself with that week.

Dinner at la Zebra
Boating after dinner.
Mama <3
Abandoned, destroyed hotel. We filmed a HORROR short film here, I will upload it soon.
My beautiful mom's birthday dinner on the beach!

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  1. Gorgeous palmy beaches! And I LOVE that zebra mural *drool* I would like one of those on the wall of my future NYC loft. Please and thank you.