Monday, August 24, 2015

Kaş and the Mediterranean Sea

Kaş (pronounced Kash) is a small town on the Mediterranean Sea. Our group of four ladies (read: leydis) Eda, Ozge, Canan, and myself, took an early morning flight from Istanbul to Dalaman and then an almost 2 hour car ride to Kaş. It's small, quiet and pretty there with views of the tall hills around it, the Mediterranean, and the Greek island of Kastellorizo. Kaş takes up less than two paragraphs of my 2012 guidebook and in 2015 it was still a hidden gem - most of the tourists were Turkish, but really there were few tourists. There were many shops but no one was harassing us to come inside and there were many restaurants and bars. The beaches were great because there weren't any sandy beaches just swimming platforms/places to jump off into the sea, so the beach chairs set up there were actually free - order food and drinks or don't, just have a good time! Or you can take different ferries to different beaches like we did! We also did a boat tour of Kekova Bay where we got to swim and gasp at the beautiful scenery. Eda and I also sneaked off for a day trip to the aforementioned Greek island of Kastellorizo. Life was very good in Kaş!

The drive from Dalaman airport to Kas provided some gorgeous views.
Travel Companions: Ozge, Eda, and Canan

A door in Kaş 
Kaş with the Greek island of Kastellorizo to the far right.

Window in Kaş.

Hills and boats.

We got in so early that first day that we were able to hop on a ferry to a beach across the way called Nuri's Beach. We hung out all day, Ozge and Canan tanned their faces off, Eda and I kayaked in a single canoe like a couple of attached-at-the-hip lovers...and trust that we had lots of difficulty passing certain barriers and half the beach was laughing with us. I love people who do not take themselves too seriously, it's the only way to live.

Nuri's beach 
Turkish poses? Thai poses?

Back in Kaş, we ate, we drank, we had fun, and we swam. We could have spent a few more days and gone to some ancient ruins and other beautiful beaches, but alas, time is short and we can only so as much as we can. Next time!

Hills. Boats. 

Raki is a Turkish alcoholic beverage mixed with a bit of water. Tastes like black licorice.
Canan's a sweetheart.

Turkish breakfast should really be the only breakfast.
Shops and a Lycian tomb in the very background.
Lycian tomb. History is everywhere!

Ataturk from the back looking out at the sea.

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  1. Ha! I love the photo of the fabrics just bursting out of that doorway. I think I have a thing for fabrics ever since Thailand