Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Washington D.C. x 5

I call Masha my little sister-cousin because even though she is the daughter of our close family friends, I feel so much unconditional love and care for this girl that I think of her as some sort of sister-cousin hybrid. Also, it is funny to say "sister-cousin". She's been visiting New York on and off for a month at a time since 2006. We've got a 10 year age difference but it feels much smaller because we talk (or Whatsapp message each other) about life and all of it's twists and turns. Anyway, she'd been to New York 4 times but never outside of it, so this August we went to Philadelphia (and visited Philadelphia's Magic Gardens) for a day and Washington, DC for a weekend. It was the 4th time I went to D.C. in the last 4 years (and 5th time in total) and I got to see a different side because Masha and I stayed with some friends of mine who lived there! I thank them all (J.C., Sean, Crystal) for their kindness and hospitality. Here are some photos:

Nice building situation.
National Gallery of Art
Masha and J.C. looking at busts at National Gallery of Art
National Gallery of Art
Ladies at National Gallery of Art
Predictably, I love impressionism.
The National Museum of American History is a strange, random collection
of bits of American history.
Essentials at the National Museum of American History
Essentials at the National Museum of American History
Masha met the Obamas.
Isn't she just so cool!?

Masha and Dasha and Abe

Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.
After about 8 hours of walking, I was tired and needed a lap to curl into.
Jefferson monument
Token poses.
Group hang by night.
Group hang by day!

Crystal and Sean <3

Collection of pretty houses.
I really enjoyed walking about these neighborhoods.
We made it to the Capitol Building.
Look at the pretty houses.

Pretty colors for a house.
Crystal right after she had some sort of a heatstroke. Because D.C. in August is HOT.
Bucket o' tater tot farewell.

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