Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chiang Mai, in photos

Chiang Mai is the second biggest city in Thailand with just about 1 million people. Bangkok has about 10 million. It is so calm within the Old City Walls (the walls are just beyond a moat) there is a law prohibiting building anything taller than 3 or 4 stories. The mountains you see are just the beginning of the glorious Himalayas - there is no snow on them here! There is a wonderful night food market where I have eaten the last 3 nights. My friends and I have discovered amazing juices here, there, and everywhere and switch between water and fresh juices all day long. And, yes, I have friends and they are great - one has left to the South, though. We also went out to Roots Reggae Bar at the instance of Pong, our trek guide (more on that in another post), and watched a really good Thai reggae/ska band play Bob Marley tunes as well as reggae versions of "Red, Red Wine" (don't know the actual title), "Wild World", and other songs. It was a fun time with the exception of everyone in the bar who was a dirty, young tourist acting like they were drunk on spring break in Cancun. That's another thing, for a small city, Chiang Mai has so many Western bars and restaurants. But it's all good. I just hang near the Thais in a park, outside a wat (temple) by myself or with a friend and don't have a care in the world...except for where I'm going in January!
Wat Chedi Luang - crumbled 400 years ago.
These guys...
Buddhist sayings in a park in Wat Phra Singh.
This one speaks to me.
Lots of dogs runnin' around the streets of Thailand.
My tuk tuk driver loved Obama. They all love Obama.
Fish section at the Night food market outside Chiang Mai Gate
In preparation for Loi Krathong - the annual lantern festival on the full moon this month.
Unfortunately I will not be here but it is celebrated all over the country (and in Laos!).
Roots Reggae Bar
Roots Reggae Bar, where I fell in love with the guitarist and saxophonist but they were both shorter than me =/!!
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep on Doi Suthep mountain. In one of the halls, I sat before images on the Buddha and then was sprinkled with holy water by a monk and given a white threaded bracelet for good luck.
View of Chiang Mai city from Doi Suthep
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep.

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  1. January ... we will figure it out and it will be awesome! : )