Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm comin' back!

Dear friends and readers!

First off, I have had 99 hits to my blog in the first 10 days of February! How is this possible? I am not sure, but I thank you all!

Secondly, it is my pleasure to report my return to Southeast Asia and specifically Thailand in May! Yes, indeed, good ol' me purchased a ticket today to leave good ol' New York City on May 4th and arrive in Bangkok on May 6th (at 1am - kind of blows)! Hoorah! Hoorah!

There will basically be no time in between the end of my spring semester (and first year of graduate school!) and my flight, but that's a good thing. There isn't much for me to do or look forward to in New York once the term is over anyway.

On my Southeast Asian agenda:
- Koh Tao where I will finally learn to Scuba Dive with Astrid (of Chiang Mai fame).
- Railay Beach where I will hopefully take a few days worth of rock climbing courses. (Remember my favorite place in the world?)
- Nong Khai to visit my Openmind peeps!
- Krabi Town to visit my other Openmind peeps and to see what it's like there a 13 months after I left (like did they finish the Temple?!!)
- I am also hoping to fly to Indonesia to meet up with a classmate and travel around for a few weeks.

Anyone else going? Anyone else interested in meeting up? Anyone else want postcards?

Living the dream.

Yours Truly,

This summer in Bryce Canyon one of America's natural wonders!

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