Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bangkok x3, too much

Bangkok was naturally the first city I discovered in Thailand back in November 2010. I really did love it, everything was new, exciting, and absolutely wonderful. In December 2010 my mom came and we spent a few days revisiting the old haunts. That second time around I felt disoriented in Bangkok - I really liked the small town I lived in (Krabi Town) and Bangkok was the opposite of it all. Also going to the same places (Grand Palace, Wat Po, Wat Arun) was a bit excessive no matter how wonderful those places were. I decided to fly out of Kuala Lumpur when it came time to buy my ticket home - I had no desire to return to Bangkok. See, I come from a big city. To me, New York City is the best big city I have been to. It's got everything. I love it. That being said, when I travel, I don't want to be in big cities unless they've got history in every inch of their architecture (I'm lookin' at you Paris).

I would have bypassed Bangkok this trip, but I was lucky enough to be joined in my travels by one of my closest friends from home: Eda! Welcome, welcome =) She landed in Bangkok, so naturally I booked us a room at Shanti Lodge (where I've stayed in 3 times) and we spent one day exploring the Grand Palace and Wat Po, and one day going out to Ayutthaya and meeting up with my Spaniards back in Bangkok. Sure I had been having ear problems and once again I had muffled hearing in my left ear - but it was just the air and vibe in Bangkok that put me off this time. It's so big and I have no idea where to go there!! And this time I finally discovered the debauchery that is is Khao San Road - the worst place in the world, I'd say. Don't go there. Do you want a middle age Thai guy offering you to see "ping pong" shows while he holds his crying baby in his arms? No, I didn't think so. Khao San Road is for those tourists and travelers who I do not want anything to do with anyway.

Regardless, Wat Po is still my favorite place in Bangkok and I'm glad I got to see the beauty of the Grand Palace again. I did not take too many photos, but here's a peek.

Goodbye Koh Tao! 'Til we meet again.

The Grand Palace is all about details.

Grand Palace

Grand Palace
Grand Palace murals
Grand Palace murals
Wat Po

Hi Eda!
Wat Po memories...

I met Nicki and her mom Phen, dad John on the ferry from Koh Tao. John is from Oregon, Phen is from Thailand, so they're an American Thai family. Nicki is hilarious. We all went out to dinner one of the 2 nights Eda and I were in Bangkok!
Nicki, Phen, John, me, and Eda

Khao San Road. Gross.

Eda, me, Raquel and Luismi!

We have a special love for each other. See how we share our pancake with ice cream.

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