Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wine Tasting in Sonoma Valley

Sonoma Valley is considered the birthplace of the California wine industry. According to Kelly, Sonoma was more worth the trip than Napa - which is apparently overcrowded. Kelly, her friend Erica, and I drove around scenic, beautiful, and peaceful Sonoma Valley on one of the windiest days they'd experienced in the valley! We visited three wineries (Cline, Robledo, Jacuzzi), ate delicious sandwiches, and dropped into Sausalito in the evening. It was a glorious day!

And off we go!....
Angel Island. Next trip I will make it there!
Glorious greenery and sheep!
Cline Winery
Cline Winery
Kelly and I enjoying our endless flow of free wine tastings.
I love this photo.
Three ladies enjoying a beautiful Saturday afternoon.
Flowers! Wine! California!
Sonoma Valley
Sonoma Valley
Sonoma Valley. View from a winery we did not go to.
Robledo Winery, dutch brunch sandwiches, Kelly's hair blowing in the wind.
Robledo Winery. I'm a classy lady. And yes, I got a huge sunburn around that red necklace.
Ladies in the wind at Robledo Winery,
Sonoma Valley. Oh yes.
Last stop - Jacuzzi Family Vineyards for a free wine tasting.
Kelly and I by the water in Sausalito.
And we're back!....

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