Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, in photos I

Saigon with Minnie!

Ho Chi Minh City, a great place.

Number 3. They block facebook, so it must be an evil!

All sorts of flowers in preparation for Tet!

Sunflowers <3

Mariaman Temple

Mariaman Temple. Really loved it here even if the guys out front selling incense and flowers totally ripped me off.

Ear war. Yikes!

Flower dragons! Tet celebrations. Construction is halted for 20 days during this holiday!

Its the year of the Kitty Kat!

So hot, the flowers were sweating!

These trees are so cool!

Independence Palace in the Communist architectural (note: ugly) style.

*enter gun sounds here*

Old maps.

Only after this was taken did the German inform me I was aiming for a wall...

Old school.

My banh mis are less than a dollar, yours?

This may or may not be a photo of me drinking iced coffee. I did not drink more than that sip. See, I tried a sip of another iced coffee (note: lots of condensed milk) and it was sweet and good and didnt taste like coffee at all...this did taste like coffee so I couldnt finish it...but its still a big deal that I overcame my issues and tried some.

Fish boat.

Year of the Cat! Meow!

Me on flower street. Sooo many flowers on this street.

Year of the Cat

How many motorbikes can fit on one street?

Ho Chi Minh.

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