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Our last night in Da Lat aka best place in Vietnam, the German and I bought a bottle of wine. We did not have a corkscrew, however he said it would be alllll good because he watched this video on youtube of this guy who opened a wine bottle with his shoe. Yeah. Ok. So we watched it.

So, we gave it a shot. the French accent was inspried by the previous video becasue I thought we could totally accomplish this wine bottle show feat...and the French are awesome.

Solution? Go to reception and get a corkscrew...

When I come home, can we please try this and make it work? Thanks.


  1. okay so the shoe thing. wayne has attempted to do this at a party as well but unfortunately, with a soft-soled shoe, it does not work. i recommend trying a hard soled shoe similar to like a dress shoe to make it work... and use more ELBOW GREASE dash!! i have never seen it done in person... and i wish you luck!

  2. Hahaha, that was laugh out load funny. It was a noble attempt! There wasn't enough passion behind your bangs -- you gotta mentally turn yourself into a wine-starved impoverished Frenchman. Anyway, this got me into survivalist mode, like how would you open a wine bottle if you found it in a post apocalyptic world:

  3. Have you tried the shoe method yourself??

  4. Did you see how hard the guy in the video was slamming the shoe? You guys were being too gentle!


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