Saturday, June 9, 2012

Back to Krabi Town

November - December 2010 I volunteered in Krabi Town teaching English at a primary school and at Wat Kao to monk novices. Being back here has fully reminded me why I love Thailand and where I would live. Here, I think. Or Chiang Mai. But I really do like the small town of it all. I don't miss New York City. Maybe I'm growing out of my big city girl boots. Here are photos of me revisiting the old haunts.
Wat Kao - finished, finally!

So gorgeous inside. Truly a special temple.

chicken with cashew nuts is my new favorite thing

Ready for the yearly pilgrammage?

Fearless friends

It's like they were born to pose!

WE were born to pose!

All this for 35 baht!? That's just over a dollar!


Me, Mui and the Philosopher. So good to see you ka.

Of course they don't need a heat setting

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  1. i love the monkeys on the roof shot. great images.