The ride up to the ancient city of Bergama.

Originally settled by the Greeks in 8th century BC.

The theatre and Temple of Trajan

Performing ın the 3rd century BC theatre for an estimated 10,000 ghosts.


The library. Where is everyone??

Temple of Trajan completed between 125-138 AD



Fresh orange juice available all over Turkey. Yum!

Aydin. Owner of Athena Pension in Bergama City. He is wonderful. His place is as fantastic as he ıs. We sat here for 5 hours talkıng, eatıng untıl we saw a shootıng star so huge we thought ıt was a sıngle fırework.

Our dinner.

I could have stayed here for days.


In the upper left corner ıs the Temple of Trajan. Spectacular.


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