Saturday, June 9, 2012

Phi Phi (Sketch) Hospital

I guess if a hospital sounds like it's name is "Pee pee", ya should be wary!

Phi Phi Hospital sketched me out for several reasons, maybe it was the guy at our Rimlay resort telling Eda it'd be better if I went to a hospital in Phuket or Krabi, maybe McCormick Hospital in Chiang Mai spoiled me. Regardless, I was not happy that they cleaned my ear with water - I feel like that is going backwards. I also was just not happy with them.

As they were cleaning my ear (I was sitting up, holding a metal bowl type thing to my ear), the nurses rushed a Chinese guy in who had cut his big toe on something.

Everything happened so quickly.

The nurses kept asking him what happened but he spoke no English or Thai. They asked him if he had any allergies to medications. Panic Panic. His girlfriend/sister/wife/friend looked like she was about to pass out and cry at the same time. Finally they said they were Chinese. One nurse and the girlfriend/sister/wife/friend went to Google translate or something. The nurse working on the guy quickly put a green or blue sheet over his foot with just his big left toe sticking out, rubbed yellow medical juice on it and said, "Ok, sir, I'm going to cut now." Mind you, he still hadn't told them if he had any allergies. He looked scared. His girlfriend/sister/wife/friend looked terrified. Finally he said, "Ok", grimaced and looked like he was in a lot of pain as the nurse cut through his toe.

At this point, my ear situation was solved (again, how good it felt to hear properly again!) and I was escorted to discuss meds. The head nurse or whatever she was had an attitude with me and a misunderstanding led to us arguing (She asked me what antibiotics I took, I told her the name several times, then I told her I would not take anymore antibiotics - the handsome Chiang Mai doc said it was unnecessary. She got all weird and we sort of yelled at each other.) As Eda said, "You're in pain, you have a right to get upset. She was unprofessional." That nurse clearly watched too many subtitled Grey's Anatomy episdoes.

Cost: 600 baht = 20 dollars. Running total:  $145.

At least the view was nice.
Don't go here. As Mui told me later, there was a volunteer working here some time ago and the experience was filled with misunderstandings and shadiness.

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