Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's a Phi Phi party!

The music was terrible. The sea to shallow to swim in. But we still had a fantastic time! PS - Koh Phi Phi was overrun by 250 Uruguayans traveling during their thesis year. There are 100 more in other spots in this corner of the world. The photos from last time may be more all encompassing. Oh, and yes of course I sustained another injury!

Ah, heavenly.

Meditating. Life is so hard.
My token dance move: The Scarecrow.

"You don't know you're beautiful!"
"Shinee's back!"

I was walking the beach alone and cut the sole of my heel quite deep on driftwood (or a nail for all I know). I had to meet Eda in 30 minutes so I ran to our room, tea tree oiled up my heel, bandaged & socked it and ran back. This is my "I'm so pissed, I just want to drink a wine cooler and limp dance" pose. Because I said that, and because really I already had an ear infection, what other ailments could I suffer from on this trip!

"Grab somebody sexy tell them HEY, give me everything tonight!"

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