Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam, in photos

Quick hike up to see this wonder on Cat Ba Island.
Corrina riding through them karstie backgrounds.

Hospital Caves, built by the North Vietnamese during the American War.
Enter this 3 floor secret cave...
Floor 1: hospital with real rooms for patients and doctors.
Floor 2: CAVE! They had a 2 person swimming pool and used this area for movie screenings.
From floor 1 to 2. Floor 3 was closed off to us, it was used as a meeting room for officials...
maybe they are still there?
The exist on the other side.
Anna and Loki, sister and brother who make me wish my little brother and I can travel together!
Bad ass motorbike team

We got a sunset!
I like this one.
Low tide wow.
This is what happens when you're going 90 (or 99?) km per hour.

Anna, Loki, Craig, Corrina, and me!

And on the next day, we ventured out on a 15 km trek up and down the karsts of Cat Ba Island.
One lucky view.
Rafael (who summited Everst), Craig and Corrina,
Tim (from Washington State, alright!). The view was ours for the taking.
The great people you meet and stories you here while traveling.
Good bye Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island.

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