Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Women's Day!

Happy Women's Day!

Us Russians celebrate this holiday in America (New York, I guess) by receiving flowers from the men in our lives (my dad, mayyyybe my little brother), and texts from Russian male friends (Eric this year, thanks!). Other Americans know nothing of it and may even chuckle when I say "It's Women's Day!!" As you have noticed from a. my blog and b. from being my friend, I like to celebrate almost everything because why not?!! Life should be fun. Celebrations are fun.

The holiday is celebrated in many, many countries around the world...including Laos - where I am now.
I overheard some people talking about how Laotian schools are closed (not the French program schools though), and then saw this sign at a shop!

So, naturally, in preparation for this holiday, I wondered what kind of a video I wanted to put up. I remembered performing "Women are Smarter" with two lovely girls (Claire & Allie =) ) in prom dresses and nice hairdos in 11th grade and reckoned that would be a great song to put up! Sweet. I thought I could run around in the grass in this park in Vientiane, Laos to the sounds of "Women are Smarter" (written by a man, by the way) but the moment I started "running" [barefoot] I realized there was THORNY grass everywhere...so the running part failed, and all I did was walk and skip and say 'ow' the whole time. Sorry it's not as fascinating as my previous videos.

If you want to read more about International Women's Day, go here.


  1. you are a trooper for walking through thorny grass in celebration of women :) :)

  2. I heard that Russian and French airlines were running all-female operated flights, which is so cool. This is the first year I can even recall hearing about this holiday - clearly it hasn't received much attention in the US! Although, I hesitate to reinforce notions of sex as either / or (male/female) or romanticize notions of womanhood as somehow inherently special because of the XX chromosome (or magic vaginas...I'm sure you've heard me rant about that already).

    But I'll shut up now. Happy women's day Dasha, you are an incredible and inspiring woman and I too love an excuse to party :)