Saturday, March 12, 2011

Luang Nam Tha, Laos, in photos

On the way to Luang Nam Tha, bus number 1 got a flat tire.
Bus number 2 got a flat tire too!
Noodle soup! Yum!
Trekking in Nam Tha National Protected Area. Satellite tv?
How else do you keep the mice from running up into your house and chewing everything up?? (True story: mice ate my underwear in Cambodia.)
Glorious, no?
Tiger butterfly! Thats what I call 'em at least.
One of my post trip resolutions is to relearn and become fluent in Spanish, and then I met Neus and Herman from Spain! get ready for me staying in your home next year =)
Neus (Guapa!), Air our guide, and me post trekking!

This tree was not in bloom in Thailand back in November and December but now can be seen in Laos and Thailand!

Stupa where I reconnected with Buddha after not seeing him for over a month.

Lovely ladies.

8,000 kip = $1. But dont be fooled, Laos is actually expensive when compared with the other countries in the area!

And then Neus, Herman, and their friend Jose and I had dinner. They spoke in Spanish and I understood 20%.

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